Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Writer's Blogck

I am relatively new to this medium and have up until now been afflicted by a perfectionistic writer's block. As I drive to work and go through my day, at least ten ideas run in my head of blog topics, but when I sit down to the computer, they all either disappear or I want to make sure it is absolutely polished and complete before I commit it to publication. Partly, it's my own sense of perfectionism in what I do, partly it's out of respect for you the audience and the message and purpose this blog serves. But I have to remind myself, "This is a blog! Not the Wall Street Journal or Time or a graduate thesis." I'm sure it will be rough, but if I massage every word and phrase incessantly to the point of journalistic impotence, no purpose will be served. This doesn't mean I want to churn out mediocrity because the audience will take it; it means that I want to get my views out there and now, I'm not doing that. If I am unclear, hopefully that will spark some discussion that in clarifying, we can get to a point we never would have got to otherwise.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Life is Sacred"

My apologies for the dismal frequency of my posts on this blog. I have been starting up a specifically pro-life blog for the regional group my wife and I are involved with. This and my ridiculous hours of overtime at work have prevented much involvement here. Please visit the pro-life blog, Life is Sacred, the link of which is located to the right. We welcome any information or comments that we can post there to further spread the message of protecting the most innocent of human life.