Thursday, February 7, 2008

And today...

...I join the countless others who have flirted with the oft-repeated heresy that my vote just doesn't count anyway.

In the primary, yesterday, I cast a vote for Mitt Romney, who, just hours ago, suspended his race for the Republican nomination. Ironically, I voted for him in one of the few states that went to McCain by a wide margin (not surprising, as CT is one of the blue-est states in the nation. I often refer to my area as the "purple corner.")

So now I have much thinking and praying to do about this upcoming November. Do I cast in with the man who sought to suppress First Amendment rights even at the expense of the pro-life cause he claims to support? Or do I just stay home? But is staying home giving a half-vote to the NARAL Democrat candidate whomever he/she might be?

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