Monday, September 29, 2008

Open letter to CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

Dear Mr. Blumenthal,
It is with great sadness that we write to you in regards to your action against the proposed regulation protecting pro-life health care professionals. As someone who watched with keen interest the unfolding of events regarding Plan B contraception and Catholic hospitals in the state, this HHS regulation would provide a necessary protection to people of conscience. We fully support the opportunity for those who have serious moral reservations about providing services that are known to end the life of an unborn child to be able to avoid acting contrary to their deeply held religious beliefs.
It is antithetical to the mark of a free society when individuals are forced or coerced to commit actions that go against their most fundamental beliefs. The absence of this protection for health care professionals will only serve to coerce such individuals to compromise their conscience or to leave their profession. Your position in the claim that to focus on the conscience of these individuals denies the rights of patients to necessary health care is flawed. First, your position would render the moral guidelines of such doctors, etc., to be meaningless and irrelevant. Second, it is highly unlikely that patients seeking such care will be unable to find those services. Third, the notion that abortion or emergency contraception is medically necessary, is, as you know, a highly controversial and contested claim. Emergency contraception is in actuality, can be and is designed to act as an early-term abortifacient. This is a defensible statement because it is not scientifically defensible to say that human life begins at any other point but at conception. Many contraceptive measures are defined "contraceptives" by defining pregnancy by implantation. This is not a reasonable position, as any rational reflection of the subject will show.
Please consider this our strong objection to your filing suit against this ruling. The needs of a free society demand that individual freedoms are not violated. Your position in this matter would choose to violate the individual freedoms of pro-life health care professionals.

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