Friday, May 22, 2009

Letter to the Editor, The Day

Dear Editor,

Was I the only one that noticed that in the article on Monday, May 18, regarding President Obama's speech at Notre Dame, the headline on the front page, above the fold, read "Obama takes on abortion debate," while the continuing headline on page A6 read, "Obama avoids specifics of abortion debate"?

I wonder, how is it possible that he both confronted the debate on abortion and yet avoided it at the same time?

I suggest that the headline should have read, "Obama exploits dissident Catholic school president's folly and arrogance in an attempt to further divide Catholics from their bishops over 1.7 million dead babies per year to appear as a moderate hero." Granted, that's a bit long, but it's much more accurate, and not contradictory.

Update: published by The Day May 27, 2009

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Dawn said...

Right On brother! Amen to that.