Thursday, August 20, 2009

I hate to be the killjoy...

but all you civil libertarians dancing in the streets about the White House taking down the citizen spy email address "" should be aware that it's not gone, it's just hiding in the bushes.

From the White House Press Briefing, August 18th:

Q Was “Flag” at a good idea?
MR. GIBBS: Yes, still is.

Q Why remove it?
MR. GIBBS: It was consolidated on “Reality Check.” If people see or hear misinformation or have questions or concerns about some rumor that they’re hearing on health care reform, there’s a mechanism to get the truth.

QSo it’s just been put together, it’s not really gone?
MR. GIBBS: Consolidated from two platforms into one.

That's right! If you'd like to point out the persistent myths your neighbors are continuing to pass along, just visit Oh, the White House kindly asks you to refrain from including other people's personal information without their permission. (Sounds to me like the AG or White House counsel took someone out to the woodshed for the heap of trouble the White House can get in for collecting and retaining information regarding their political adversaries' use of their First Amendment rights.)

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