Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I never understood why...

Samuel L. Jackson ever agreed to play such a wimpy and uninspiring role in the new Star Wars episodes.

This is how it should have gone down.


Subvet said...
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Magister Christianus said...

This is hilarious! It is not too often you find a reference to "Pulp Fiction" in a Christian discussion, but I have always felt, graphic sex and language notwithstanding, it had some very Christian themes.

Mike in CT said...


I agree with you. My wife wouldn't finish watching it with me the first time we rented Pulp Fiction, and I was really surprised by it when I went back months later to finish it.

Obviously I don't agree with the the lifestyles or choices of any of the characters, but I think SLJ's character went through a "real" encounter with grace. His response to that encounter was, um, shall we say, less than perfect? But it was a response toward penitence nonetheless.

Thanks for stopping by-- and thanks for the link!