Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kid theology, part 1

The theological points my kids make often cause me to stop and wonder if we're doing a good job as Catholic parents or if we're on our way to really screwing them up. Take, for instance, the recent exchange between Fred and myself. (Fred is three)

My wife just started a cantor job for the Saturday vigil Mass at a parish not far from us. We've never gone there as a family, so the munchkins and I sat together while Mom sang. It's a beautiful, very old church built in the 1800's that fortunately never went through the post V2-era recovations, so the original windows and murals are all still intact. Behind the altar are murals of Christ's birth, crucifixion and resurrection. Pointing to the scene of the resurrection, Fred said, "Dad, the soldiers are dead!" No, says I, they're sleeping. "No, Dad, no! They're dead! Jesus killed them!" Sigh.


kkollwitz said...

Nice to know they're paying attention!

kkollwitz said...

Thinking about my own kids' early theology, I'm reminded of this exchange with daughter Francesca, when she was 3.

Daddy, guess what?
Do you know what Jesus' nickname is?, I don't.
It's Jeezy!

Mike in CT said...


Shall we say that's "Cheezy?"

(Sorry, I couldn't help it. My wife has turned me on to punography.)

saintos said...

Great story. Kids are awesome. Weird little church conversation on my blog today {if interested}