Friday, July 23, 2010

'Cause it's on the brain

My wife has been assisting for the last 20 hours as labor coach for the birth of our next godchild. I'm holding down the fort here with the rugrats trying to clean the house so when all is done she can at least pass out in a tidy home. Please, if you would, offer a prayer for the mother, as she is getting discouraged from the lack of progress (trying to give birth naturally) and is, naturally, exhausted.

Have you said that Hail Mary yet?

When you're done, you can watch this, which has been running through my head all day.

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PattyinCT said...

Thank you Hubby! I came home after assisting for 30 hours of labor and delivery to a home that was neater than the hospital I had left.
And the Monty Python video clip left me falling down laughing!