Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've been tagged!

It's been a long time since I played tag. Or freeze-tag, or TV-tag. (Freeze tag: the person who was it turned people to statues by tagging them, in TV tag, the statues could come back to life if they could immediately name a TV show. What can I say, we were dorks.)

Aaaaaanyhoooo, I got tagged by Nod in the "Five Favorite Devotions" meme.

My five favorite devotions (in no particular order):
1. Rosary -- especially the sorrowful mysteries
2. Stations of the Cross
3. Novenas to St. Joseph and the Sacred Heart of Jesus
4. "Salve Regina" -- one of our bedtime prayers
5. Reciting the Exultet (I don't think you need a link.)

Now I get to tag five other bloggers to share their favorite devotions. And no, they can't get out of it by yelling, "Starsky and Hutch!"

1. PattyinCT (I think she's cute.) at My Apologies
2. Subvet at Blowing San #1 -- (No, I don't think he's cute.)
3. dadwithnoisykids at Scorpion Stalking Duck
4. Magister Christianus at Bedlam or Parnassus
5. Kristin at 11onmyown

Oh, and in honor of Nod who tagged me, who impresses and intimidates me with his gourmet recipes of all sorts, please feel free to check out the video here of Aretha Franklin showing Martha Stewart how to make "Chicken Italiano." No two women could ever be less alike.


Nod said...

Ah, Salve Regina, yes, I love that one too.

Thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed the video.

I don't know that my recipes are gourmet or not - but it usually tastes good, which surprises me, and then I share it with the rest of you. :-)

Mike in CT said...

Nod, I don't know about you, but stingray is not a weeknight meal for us...but I look forward to hearing how it went. Hey, I'll soon be tasting liver and onions for the first time, so I'm willing to try new things.

PattyinCT said...

Hahah! I'm glad you found that clip for Nod of good ole' Aretha and Martha! So funny!

So, do I say your devotions, and then post 5 of my own for my victims (I mean fellow bloggers) to say for me? I was never good at chain mail either (wearing or reading! Hahaha!)

Mike in CT said...

Patty, your good humor is one of the reasons I feel in love with you.

Whatever happened to it?

dadwithnoisykids said...



PattyinCT said...

Ouch! No snarks back!

Subvet said...

Nuts! Okay, going to work on them a bit late. But I am working on them.

Mike in CT said...

-"A man that eloquent needs to be rescued!"

Dawn said...

great post..even better comments. Hilarious! I love your profile pic. That's a great close up!