Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taking care of business

I work managing production for a small printing company here in CT. We produce both traditional offset printing as well as digital printing for numerous companies and organizations in our area. We produce business stationery, brochures, business cards, marketing materials, books and booklets, newsletters, and as numerous other paper-printed items. Maybe once or twice a year, we'll get a customer who wants a self-inking rubber stamp, the kind you might use to endorse the back of a company check. They make us no money, but we offer them as a courtesy to the customers who make it a point to request them, since we'd rather not see them go elsewhere.

I bring this up to make an analogy. We market ourselves as a printing company. We sell print, we seek out print customers, we hand out print samples. We don't market ourselves as a self-inking rubber stamp company. When asked about the diversity of products we offer, self-inking rubber stamps are almost never mentioned. This correlates to our sales figures, which show that 99.9% of our gross income comes from print or print-related services, while .1% of our gross income derives from self-inking rubber stamps and the like.

With this background in mind, please take a look at this graph and ask yourself, "Is Planned Parenthood in the business of encouraging good parenthood? Or are they in business to make their money some other way?"

H/T Thomas Peters

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PattyinCT said...

Yikes! Nope, they aren't for Parenthood in any way shape or form. they are for unplanned pregnancy - they've even been caught handing out faulty contraception to ensure it (whether that be low dose hormone contraception or faulty prophilactics-sp?-)

You know this to be true in the back of your mind when you're fighting against the corrupt giant beauracracy of PP, but this visual reminder is still mind-boggling to me!