Thursday, January 13, 2011

A searching atheist...

...wrote to Mark Shea asking for advice on her investigations into the Catholic faith. Leah is, as Mark points out, not the common frothing-at-the-mouth militant atheist, but is humbly searching for the truth and is willing to consider what she does not yet understand. Please pray for her.

The post and comments are worth reading there, too, especially if you or someone you know is questioning the possibility of faith.


Anonymous said...

"the common frothing-at-the-mouth militant atheist"

Should I consider myself uncommon or be offended? That phase strikes me as a bit over the top.

By Common do you mean there are alot of them, or do you mean that there are alot of them that don't care to hear about how you have the "right" answer for them.

By "frothing at the mouth" do you mean they are infected like some rabid coon, Diseased by their beliefs?

By militant do you mean steadfast in their beliefs or do you mean they are actively searching to persuade others to join their "army" of the real truth.

Your Favorite Athiest

Mike in CT said...

Too long to post as a comment:

PattyinCT said...

No, I agree with Favorite Atheist. Not ALL atheists are "frothing at the mouth militants" (I do believe that's different from "common" though)...Just like not all people from Montanna are rednecks...Just like not all homeschoolers grow up dysfunctional...I'm glad to see that we're helping each other along life's journey to set standards of "fairness" when dialoguing.