Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"A handful of anti-Obama malcontents showed up late to the inauguration festivities"

That's how I expect the media to cover this year's March for Life. However, you and I know better. Thousands will gather at the nation's capitol to stand in witness to the sanctity of life from the moment of conception (that means fertilization, oh by the way) until natural death. Never since Roe v. Wade have the stakes been so high for the right to life. Unborn children, especially, are facing threats that would have been unheard of 40 years ago. We are facing new ways to kill babies, fund the killing of babies, enable the killing of babies, justify the killing of babies, and even force the killing of babies. The right to life must be guaranteed, or all other liberties are meaningless. Please join the March for Life. If you cannot attend, please spread the word so that others may join or change their hearts. Please pray to our Heavenly Father that the scourge will end.

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