Wednesday, January 13, 2010

House offer was rejected

We bid on a house last week but I just heard from the seller. They're not accepting our offer, but are going to list it with a realtor and try to get their imaginary number. Good luck to them!

So now, we wait until our place sells and find another house that doesn't need half as much work. St. Joseph, pray for us.


David Marciniak said...

Similar situation for us a few years ago...the owner was "insulted" by our bid. We walked away, found a great home, and lo and behold on the day we closed the first home owner called and said she would take our bid. Too late.

St. Joseph will help you find the right place.

Dawn said...

prayers that He leads you to the perfect home for you and your family. I may just make that banner bloggers for life..if you see it, than gather round!

Mike in CT said...

David, I trust he will. He's already led me this far.

Dawn, post a pic of it before you go. I'll look for it. We're thinking of converting a yard cart for the munchkins. My wife wants to modify the Miracle Gro logo for it, as in, "Miracles Grow," but we'll see how much time we have for that.

Anonymous Catholic Housewife said...

As corny as it sounds and as stupid as I felt burying a statue in the front yard, we put the little statue of St. Joseph in our front yard (and praying the prayers) when trying to sell our house. The guy who saw it that same day ended up buying it less than a week later.

AND, we got the house that we wanted to buy - almost lost it that very weekend to a higher offer.

Have developed quite a devotion to St. Joseph in the months since. He's pretty cool.