Friday, January 29, 2010

March for Life video

Well, as of yet, The Day hasn't printed my letter. They usually hold my pro-life submission off until Saturday, when fewer people read the paper. And I do have some videos and interviews that my wife and I did with a few people we met on the March. This video below, however, is a great indication of the magnitude of the March for Life, both in numbers and its importance. I've gotta say, the line at the end is especially significant.

Thanks to Leticia for posting it.


PattyinCT said...

Haha Honey! I beat you! Hehehe
Loved this video though, it was very moving! What a great job. I wonder which organization is responsible for it?

Owen said...

I put it on my blog. I put it on my FB, which I hardly ever use. I am adding it to my Plurk and Twitter. The point is, this video needs to go viral.