Friday, January 14, 2011

One of the reasons we homeschool... because we don't want our kids to be the guinea pigs for Planned Parenthood's social experiment in order to shepherd in a new era of promiscuity for the sake of more abortions to fill their coffers.

Be warned, resistance to this agenda will only be tolerated for so long. If we as a nation continue along this path, it will come to the point that those who teach that sex is sacred and must be reserved for marriage will be seen as unfit to teach that to their kids. It must be stopped now.

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fencer_22 said...

ok I can't leave this unchalanged because it has been blown far out of proportion.

schools don't teach that premarital sex and abortion are right or moral. they teach the facts about abortion and about differant types of contraceptives and that is it.

as far as the act itself is concerned they only teach that if the students choose to have premarital sex that they should protect themselves against STD's and pregnancy's which they obviously are not ready for. that meens using condomns and or other forms of birth control. and yes I know you also think that those are a sin. but the school system can't be the students concience. the best they can do is teach them how to protect themselves. and if the school didn't do that how many extra teen pregnancies and therfor abortions do you think would occur anually simply because those teenagers never learned how to have "safe" sex?

Mike in CT said...

OK Fencer, let's look at this logically.

First, I'm suspecting that you didn't actually read the links in the post. This post is not just a rant against sex ed in school. (Even if it were, however, the practice you describe of teaching kids how to use condoms and other forms of birth control is summed up in a word: enabling. You admit that these students are not ready for STD's and pregnancy, so advising them to use contraceptives is a dangerous game. How about advising them to avoid the effect by avoiding the cause? Anyway, contraceptives are not 100% effective against preventing pregnancy even if used all the time and correctly, and the effectiveness is even lower for many STD's. But this is ground all covered before.)

No, this post is about trends and new initiatives. If you follow the links, you'll see that Planned Parenthood is trying to effect social change by encouraging openness, exploration and discussion of sexuality with kids at younger and younger ages. (Side note, at what age is sexual information too early?) They are trying to change the social ethos by erasing taboos and "shame," as they put it. That, contrary to your comment, is the language of morality. They are trying to do one of two things, and I'm still not quite sure which one: either the push is to treat sex as a-moral, meaning that there is no morality involved at all (moral nihilism), or the push is to treat sex as being right or wrong just depending on the person (moral relativism).

I also call into question the notion that schools do not encourage a moral viewpoint. Schools have no problem encouraging a moral viewpoint with regard to global climate change, for example. When schools say that we ought to reduce greenhouse gases, that we ought to use less resources, because it is the right thing to do, either for the environment or for poorer nations, those are statements in the realm of morality. Ought is a moral imperative.

The fact is that sex education is more than just a how-to manual on the physics of condoms. Discussion of personal feelings, comfortability, readiness, expectations, etc., are moral discussions, whether they tie in to religious or Natural Law admonitions. It is disingenuous to state otherwise.

To look at the one moment, here and now, in isolation, it is easy to say that my comments blow these programs out of proportion. But looking at the broader picture, Planned Parenthood is doing this test program so that they can encourage nationwide societal change to promote promiscuity. It is part of their business plan, for it encourages risky behavior, the consequences of which are reasonably "solved" by the use of their services-- services, by the way, that PP is now mandating in all their clinics nationwide. (That link to come in another post.)

Your experience in health class is very likely similar to my own experience, which I thought little of at the time. But as I've grown to see more of the world and what is going on, I recognize that the dark forces of this world have a stronghold on our sexual ethics. And the consequences of these perversions on our future, both as individuals and as a people, will be disastrous.

fencer_22 said...

first let me say that you blog hates me I have tried and failed to post a response 3 times already. the 2nd time it told me i had exceeded the max character count so I "cut" the last two parographs however on my third atempt after already retyping it all once it failed again and left me only the portion which i "cut" you will find that below the rest will follow shortly

please don't insult my inteligance or try to influence me against these people with fraises like "the forces of darkness." they are human beings just like you and me. and like us they think that they are the only ones who know what is right and wrong the fact that they don't agree with you dosen't make them evil it makes them different.

finally people have been ranting about the death of morality since long before you came along and they will continue to do so long after you are dead. and seeing as that hasn't managed to change anything ever you might want to consider a different more productive tactic. listen to what they have to say learn something and find a way to make it suit your needs. it's like Judo you use your oponents strength against them.

fencer_22 said...

ok third time retyping this now.

I read the articles before commenting.

I already now all the failings of condomns and birth control hence the quotes around the word safe in my original comment.

you call it "enabling" i call it giveing an acurate, non sugarcoated lesson of what they could and would otherwise learn using the internet. they would do it anyway so the school is doing what it can. you have to remember that not everyone agrees with the church and the school's can't force catholic ideals people who disagree.

furthermore health classes do not consist of discusions on our sexual expectaions readiness ect. discusions like that would bring lawsuits and are therefor avoided. the closest we came to an ethcis discusion was the teacher saying "depending on your religion
this might be considerd a sin."

global warming discusions are hardly talks on morals it's more like "your generation is responsible for fixing this mess" and I think I should add that not everyone takes that class seriously. some even go so far as to deny global climate change all togather.

i read the link they are advertising change nothing more nothing less. I doubt many parents will be in a rush to discuss sex with there kids regardless of what a pamphlet or book says so I doubt this will actually have much of an effect. but change cant be stopped did you know in the victorian era it was fairly common for woman not to know where babies came from until after they were married? would you prefer that? for the record if your answer to the later is yes I beleive there will be no point in any further discusion of this topic between us.

and let me say this. shame is not (in my opinion) the language of morality. let me explain. after my Dad's death I was ashamed of myself. I was ashamed every time someone told me I was a good boy who helped out my Mom. do you know why? not because I tried to make things harder for her or intentionally behaved badly, no I felt ashamed because my very existance ment more work and stress for her. that combined with my inability to do any of the things my Dad had done. such as taking care of the house or yard, or keeping my little brother under control. things like that were completly beyond me. and i felt like a burden because of it. I was ashamed of myself because I felt like dead weight only making things worse and never better. I'm old enough now to know that there was no reason for me to feel ashamed but that dosen't change what I felt. so for you to say shame is the language of morality is like telling me I was, by my very existance commiting a sin a thousand times more terrible then what we are now discussing. I cannot believe that and therfor I cannot believe your assertion.

fencer_22 said...

oh and I just realized I forgot something the last time I retyped this.

you say it's not a rant about sex ed in schools. well then you shouldn't put "one our reasons reasons we homeschool" in front of "is because we don't want our kids to be the guinea pigs for Planned Parenthood's social experiment in order to shepherd in a new era of promiscuity for the sake of more abortions" because that is how it comes across.

fencer_22 said...

it has been a few days. have you decided that I'm a lost couse, or are you finding it dificult to come up with a response?

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