Monday, November 24, 2008

Keep this in mind next time you see a singing holiday tree in Home Depot

Speaking of how not to celebrate Christmas, wifey and I were talking today about all those kids' movies that celebrate the magic of the holiday within all of us...

Frankly, I'm sick of trying to come up with as many marketing ideas that show this "magical season" while blatantly avoiding the meaning of why the holiday is there in the first place.

Tell the story of Christmas! Not how a little mouse saved Christmas by making sure the bell tower worked. Not how a train engine worked together with his friends to cheer someone up. Not how Mrs. Brady got her voice back in time to sing Christmas carols.

Talk about Jesus. Born in a stable, laid in a manger, worshipped by the shepherds, reverenced by learned men, feared by kings, cradled by Mary, protected by Joseph, glorified by hosts of angels. The child born to make men free.

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