Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gather 'round children and I'll tell you a story.

Once upon a time, New England was beseiged by forty days and forty nights of rain. (OK, only 30, but June was a complete washout--pun completely intended!) Children, cooped up inside, their faces bleached from lack of Vitamin D, began to drive their mother crazy. There was much wailing and nashing of teeth. And lo, the heavens opened. The clouds parted and mother threw the children out the door to seek out an olive branch. (They're rare in New England, so they'd be busy for a while.) But along the way, the scout team was distracted- easily done- by the most common of pastimes. The garden hose lay, tempting all passers by.

Let's play a game! (You and I know this won't end well.)

We'll work together.

Ooops, I slipped.

Got you, too!

Curses! I will get him back for his treachery!

Psst, we can gang up on him! You fill my bucket carefully and I'll dump it on him.

Hey! That's not what I asked you to do!

Meanwhile, the angry older brother turns off the water, befuddling the smallest combatant.

The middle child decides to hide and wait this battle out.

Fiend! I repay you the injustice you served upon me! Ground water, a dish served best really, really cold!

Oh, the humanity!


matthew archbold said...

This post explains the actions of countries and empires better than textbooks.

Marcy Lee said...

They're adorable, Mike.