Sunday, February 22, 2009

Letter to the Editor, The Day, submitted 2-22-09

The focus of abortion often falls on the individual making the decision, yet society at large encourages abortion.

The Safe Haven law, while well-intentioned, is all but unknown. There was a case locally of a woman who, ignorant of the Safe Haven law, wrapped her baby in a blanket, placed it in an abandoned car and went to the nearest payphone to inform the police, who picked up the baby within minutes and brought it to the hospital immediately. The mother was arrested. The story in the Day indicated that the State of CT didn’t have funding to print pamphlets about the Safe Haven law.

It used to be that when a woman couldn’t keep her child, she could bring it to an orphanage so that the baby would be cared for until someone could adopt the child. Orphanages don’t exist anymore and the current foster care program is overwhelmed.

What is the obvious cause of this indifference? Long-term care costs money and abortion has a one-time fee. It is cheaper, faster, and easier.

This is also true of euthanasia. I hope as seniors enter long-term care en masse and we hurtle toward single-payer universal health care, that people will realize this connection before it is too late.

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