Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is the funniest thing you will see this week.

Creative Minority Report: Now, This is Hilarious


Anonymous said...

That's funny Mike
I needed to laugh this morning. the sardonic catholic dad thing was good to....I like the spinal tap reference that these go to 11.
I'm still not sure how to post other than anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I tried posting just now but I think I did it wrong.
Anyway, that was funny. I needed a laugh this morning.
I said before I'm not sure how to post here other than as anonymous yet

Mike in CT said...

You can post as anonymous and kindly leave your name at the bottom. Also, you can select "Name/URL" Put your name in and you can leave the URL blank. Or you can sign up to have your own blog on Blogger and clicking on your name in the combox will open up a link to your blog!

Thanks for visiting!