Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome to the world!

Mary Margaret was born into the world on Monday at 5:51 p.m. Thank you for all your prayers leading up to the delivery. Patty and the baby are doing fine (except for the hit-by-a-truck-cold that wifey and I brought home from the hospital). The big smile on Patty's face shows how well she came through labor, by far the easiest yet. No induction necessary, no epidural; it was completely natural.

The boys are welcoming Mary pretty well. Our four-and-a-half year old is totally in love and takes every opportunity to help. The other two goobers are not quite sure yet that she's staying for good.

Thank you to Our Lady of Fatima who was a constant source of strength and comfort to our whole family as we received this precious gift from God.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful mother and child! I always wondered if you and Patty were husband and wife. Mystery no more!

Congratulations to ALL of you!! Prayers and blessings, as well.

Bill Donaghy said...

CONGRATS! What beauty! And what a beautiful name...


Mike in CT said...

Thank you both!

LarryD said...

Congratulations, Mike. You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Well Mike CT PattyCT--
Your baby looks beautiful. Congratulations on your little precious gift. I wonder why you didnt share with us before that you were married, but then again, I never put it together, and maybe didnt ask personal enough questions. Seems the way it goes some times.
I have decided that I am going to stop blogging and just put my time in other places. Satan is often the accuser, and when someone is accusing you of things so untrue, there is no point in aruging because in the end it solves nothing. Thanks for the help regarding the letter with the preist. As the wording truly is not my style, my concern is where the church was heading and is there room for me in it. I realize that people differ politically and I thank you for helping me to understand where I should stand on life issues more clearly. Perhaps I will grow in trusting the Lord and being more willing to give myself to him with trust. As far as the direction of catholic vote, I am not as happy about where others seem to come from on that site. I understand that many feel it is charity to give over the teaching of the Lord. That is good, but one must also make sure not to exhault themselves in the process.
Jesus did say that when you pray go into your bedroom and lock the door so that others do not see. He mentioned not going into public places and saying it to show others, "look how I am and what I do"... Some of the comments on that site, may actually help me to remember to try some humbilty and just try and live by Jesus words. Afterall that is what he left us.

Faith is something that is a gift, and God does offer us the gift of free will in that as well. Afterall he did ask the Apostles if they wanted to leave him and they said, "Lord where would we go?".... The point of that was that he gave them the choice to stay or to go. So yes Patty, back in the fall it was hard for me to respond to words like, "You cant be a Catholic and do this or that or vote for OBama"... I also have a hard time with words like, "You must believe because it is said, or it is what you must do.

Jerry really is a good man and he has been in direct contact with me, and I feel he has said many things to me that are helping me considerably. I just feel bad that he somehow got in the cross fires of what that person amiller is so accusing of. I have never been in a situaion where I am watching a friend like Liz being falsely accused. Jerry put up his email address to her to contact him, but she refused. Instead I guess she would rather accuse and make false statements about others. I feel that Satan has got a hold of that site for the time being. Maybe you see differetnly but that is my feelings on it for now. I am blessed to have shared and learned so much from so many good people and I know at times the Holy Spirit is working as well.
Jerry is a very conservative man and he is from San Diego. He is joking now that he is Jerry the Liberal, although he seems to me the furthest thing from Liberal, aside from you two :) haaa!
HOwever, he does have a healing spirit about him and he does have the words to use to build a person up, rather than to tear a person down. He has given me much to relfect on, and therefore I am getting myself out of a place where it is serving no good for me to be in.
So good luck and God bless you both.
Thanks for all the correspondence, and I wish you both well.

Cindy :) The Worm
Cindy Nelson :)

Anonymous said...

You rascals you!
I tried posting yesterday to congratulate you both, but I think I clicked the wrong button..oops!!!

Congratulations on your newest blessing. what a little doll! Take care you two, God bless

Mike in CT said...

Thanks Cindy and Liz!

Cindy, to answer your question about identity, with all the wackos on that site at that time (and even now) we didn't want to put too much personal info up there, and we felt it might also distract from what we were both trying to say.

But I'm glad you found out. :^)