Monday, March 2, 2009

I have no idea who this lady is talking about...

...but that's pretty much the definition of a straw man argument.

So pro-lifers stick to the 200 words-or-less rule for letters to the editor, conduct themselves with decorum and respect, and speak of their adversaries as charitably as possible; pro-choicers can be not only misogynist, misanthropic, sophomoric and crass, they can spout off for as long as they choose and will have their rants published as a full editorial in The Day.

Frankly, I should be surprised, but I'm not.

Cathy Cubilla's article is full of sexist and demeaning comments that show no respect for men or for women.

To retort, though, all the pro-life men I know would never even think of calling a woman a vessel for their emissions. Rather, they respect women as unique individuals worthy of care and compassion. And they all have something else in common: they think that we should work towards a culture of life, in which sex is so greatly regarded that we only engage in it responsibly-- namely, in a faithful, committed, loving marriage.


Rick said...

I wondered about that too - in general. My post in does not completely detail the abuses that we got from the pro-abortion group. Then it occurred to me that it was absurd to expect them to play under the same rules because, I doubt whether they worship the same God for starters. If they worship no one or the enemy, then their ethos will be completely different.

Mike in CT said...

I am most confounded by those who present themselves as Christians or specifically Catholics and yet are pro-abortion. Have they fully thought either position through? For it is impossible that the two are reconcilable. Either one takes over or the other; God or Moloch.