Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SB 1098 is tabled for now, but stay awake, people!

So even though this bill has been delayed due to its "blatant unconstitutionality," as Governor Rell described SB 1098, Catholics need to stay vigilant. The bill has not been killed and will come back again, and I am concerned about the fact that "lawmakers have asked Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who expressed doubt about the constitutionality of the existing legal framework on Monday, for a formal opinion about whether the laws violate the constitution's required separation of church and state," according to The Day.

Doubt about the constitutionality of the existing legal framework...

So now the pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem cell research, pro-gay marriage, anti-conscience clause Attorney General is going to be looking into how constitutional the current legal organization of the governance of the Catholic Church in Connecticut is.

My pastor brought up a very interesting point last night. CT has distinct statutes for five different denominations in CT, as the article above points out. Lawlor and McDonald in their statement said "That doesn't seem right."

This will come back very soon. After all, when the CT legislature passed a bill for civil unions in the state, the CT Supreme Court ruled that the "separate but equal" nature of that law was unconstitutional and struck it down, allowing gay marriage in the state.

Oh, yeah, and Lawlor was behind that one, too.

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