Monday, March 9, 2009

Philip Lacovara criticizes bill 1098 as unconstitutional. Update: Sen. McLachlan's blog post

Please read the letter on the Diocese of Bridgeport's website by Philip A. Lacovara,
Senior Counsel, Mayer Brown LLP, to members of the Judiciary Committee about the bogus bill attacking the internal governance and financial authority of the Catholic Church in CT.

Please also see the blog post by State Senator Michael McLachlan on his views:

I suspect this public hearing will be more like a zoo with the tone of an inquisition. Chances are the topics for discussion on Wednesday will go far beyond the bill proposed. I fear that we'll be hearing all kinds of attacks on the bishops, pastors and priests of the Catholic Church.

I pray fervently that we can dispense with this brutal attack on the Roman Catholic Church very quickly. Catholics don't deserve this attack and the proponents of this bill will hopefully hear this message loud and clear.

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