Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ora pro nobis

Hail Mary

We speak to this woman of flesh and blood. We recognize her presence and know that she hears our greeting.

Full of Grace

Not burdened by the weight of original sin, she is completely fulfilled in God and she seeks always to do His will.

The Lord is with Thee

God is present with her, within her, around her. Her path is blessed indeed, prepared by our Heavenly Father for His glory. She can call upon His aid at any moment and be assured of God’s help.

Blessed art thou among women

Whereas Eve, the first woman, failed to trust in God’s infinite goodness, Mary is fully woman, as God intended for all humanity before the Fall. She is prepared thus so that she can become the Ark of the New Covenant, Jesus the Christ.

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

The co-eternal Son of God, united with the Father in substance, lays aside His heavenly throne to come in flesh, dependent on the care of His finite creatures, being born into the world after remaining in the womb of Mary.

Holy Mary, Mother of God

The unique relationship Mary has with Jesus reminds us that He also was fully human, and through Mary’s body came the wedding, the knitting together, of God and man.

Pray for us, sinners

Not through disdain or condescension, but with the love that God intends for us to share through His grace, Mary pleads to God for us; we who suffer temptation, trial, and the effects of sin.

Now and at the hour of our death

…for death is the destiny of all, but with God’s mercy, death is birth to everlasting life. God grant that we may have the grace to repent of our sins before our last moment, and seek His kingdom in this world and the next.



Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!

JB said...

Mike and Patty,

First, I join you in thnaking God for your BEAUTIFUL new baby. I have been meaning to sign on to express my joy for you all, and I really don't have a worthy reason. All I can say is life has been busy. I do keep up with this site though. I continue to find comfort in your post and a closeness to our Lord with them as well.

Your latest post with Mary is one that I have written down and will continue to use for a long time. THANK YOU BOTH!!! You are truly a spiritual team. Someone gave me a book after our children went to Heaven to help me with my sorrow. I got many books from many friends and family as you can imagine. This book, "Your Sorrow is My Sorrow" by Joyce Rupp was one book that was and still is such a blessing. Each chapter is about the seven sorrows of Our Blessed Mother Mary. There are also prayers and meditations with each chapter. It is not a book strictly written for those that have a loved one that is now in Heaven. The cover tells it all. It says, "Hope and Strength in Times of Suffering".

We are very fortunate, by the graces of God, to live in a very pro-life Church Parish and area. There has not been one Sunday and days between where not one of our priest has not tied the readings back to helping God against satan in the battle of abortion. Not one of them is hesitant to speak up, and you know what, NO ONE LEAVES : - )!!! Our masses are standing room only, so God is speaking clearly to MANY : - )!!! This past Sunday, Father told us to pray and speak louder and louder against satan and abortion. He told us that satan is working hard at trying to claim God's people, and he is striking hard at our BEAUTIFUL CATHOLIC CHURCH. He reminded us to fight with God because God promised us that He would be with us through our Church until the end of earthly time. He said that he thinks that satan is attacking the Church because if he can get it to fall, he would win over God. Father closed with, "NO CHANCE!!!!"

Again, thank you for answering God's call to educate so many about our Father and spread His LOVE!!!

Trusting God unconditionally,

Anonymous said...

Hi JB!

Man do I miss you on CatholicVote! They figured out that Mike and I were husband and wife, Cindy spilled the beans:) I don't mind though...He's a great catch!

You are always in our prayers and hearts, and I'm so glad to have met you and to share a little in your journey!
God Bless

Mike in CT said...

Hi JB,

Thanks for coming back! I share Patty's sentiments- we miss you!

It is fantastic to hear about your parish community. You continue to be an inspiration of faith in Our Lord. God bless!

JB said...

Hey Mike and Patty,

I mentioned my prolife parish, but I forgot to make the connection I was trying to make. The connection is, our priest was asking us to pray the Rosary. He asked usto pray often with Mary and ask her to help us to find hope and strength in this time of our Church (many members) suffering the attacks of satan. I thought that he tied this in so well with the cover of the book I told you about. (Even though I don't know if he read the book.)

As for CatholicVote, there are some Catholics on there that satan appears to attack often trying to weaken their beliefs and their TRUST in our Father. I have a very difficult time with those that claim to trust God but then don't trust Him enough to even try to follow His commandments. They don't trust or respect His authority. They actually try to take it over. I have a harder time with those that say they are Catholic but want to tear it to pieces to fit their lifestyles. Do they not understand what it means to be dead to this world so that we may live for God alone. It seems that trust in God is only at their convience. They appear to teather themselves to earthly instant gratification instead of focusing on eternal paradise. BREAKS my heart, so I can't even imagine how the Trinity's heart is broken.

I have been praying and meditating the 15 prayers Jesus taught St. Bridget during this lent. (Which I know I will continue after lent!) The prayers focus on the Passion of Jesus. In the 12th prayer Jesus taught St. Bridget, Jesus says, "Sweetest Jesus! What is there that Thou couldnst have done for us which Thou has not done?" This draws tears to my eyes evertime I think of our Lord's body tormented, his bowels of Mercy opened to redeem us, and yet we as sinners take that such for granted. It is as though He is telling us, "Please, I suffered for you, why isn't it enough? Tell me what more I could have done to get you to love My Father enough to follow and respect Him?" Everytime I read something on CatholicVote where someone puts themselves above God, supporting the killing of His unborn, I think of this prayer. How much more could Jesus have done?!!! In the fourth prayer Jesus taught St. Bridget, Jesus talks about His suffering not saving all souls with, "Remember the sadness which Thou experienced when, contemplating in the light of Thy Devinity the predestination of those who would be saved by the merits of Thy sacred Passion, Thou didst see at the same time, the great multitude of reprobates who would be damned for their sins, and Thou didst complain bitterly of those hopeless, lost and unfortunate sinners." I don't understand why people don't beg for God's mercy instead of counting on God's mercy. Anyway, I have said too much. It just saddens my heart over whelmingly.

Trusting God unconditionally,
God Bless -